teaser animation

Team 1: From local to global player

video 1 This teaser animation shows the German car manufacturer AUDI as an example for a company which expanded from a local to a global player. The animation focusses on the topics logo, production and cars to show the development and some of the factors that influenced the expansion. Historical events and facts support the information and give an orientation to the viewer.

Ann-Kathrin Bach, Emmerich Buchmüller, Christopher Wilutzki

Team 2: Comparison of local and global brands

The purpose of this presentation is to show the difference between local and global food, furniture and automobile industry brands. Local companies clearly reflect national traits and characteristics. They produce a variety of forms. Local business has a tendency to develop to global. Companies that have developed to the level of the global presence have recognizable features of a well known brand.

Stephanie Reiner, Maria Beliaeva, Saskia Müller

Team 3: Intercultural Branding through the bottom of a bottle...

There are different ways to place a product on the global market. The following teaser takes three liqueur brands for instance and takes a look on their approaches on reaching customers.

Cordula Miehle, Martin Pierzchala, Anna Krutova