final results

Campaign Team:

vid1 For the campaign team, the main focus was to prepare the client's brand for the global market. Various changes to the current logo were made, an entirely new logo was developed, as well as multiple slogans were created. The campaign team opened up the client's eyes to all kinds of possibilities they will hopefully use in the future.

Buchmüller, Emmerich (University of Applied Sciences Ulm)
Krutova,Anna (St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University)
Moran,Mackenzie (San Francisco State University)
Reiner, Stephanie (University of Applied Sciences Ulm)

Information Design Team:

vid2 Information design is a highly research-intensive task, and with a relatively short amount of time to complete that task, I feel like our small group of four did well. With a team with varying skill sets, our collective created an animation with research we felt were most relevant for the client to compare their local brand to the growth of much more ambitious international and global brands. This task brought us together, not only as students but designers overcoming creative and language-based barriers.

Cheung, Jennifer (San Francisco State University)
Müller, Saskia (University of Applied Sciences Ulm)
Naoi, Kenta (San Francisco State University)
Wilutzki, Christopher (University of Applied Sciences Ulm)

Film Collage Team:

vid3 The task of the film collage team was to research beer commercials from all over the world, focussing on Germany, UK and the USA. They analyzed their team results, looking at cultural differences and commonalities in beer advertising worldwide. In their conclusion they tried to give the client advise for possible global campaigns in the future.

Bach, Ann-Kathrin (University of Applied Sciences Ulm)
Beliaeva, Mariia (St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University)
Leung, Cherisha (San Francisco State University)
Lewis, Katie (San Francisco State University)
Pierzchala, Martin (University of Applied Sciences Ulm)