A joint intercultural workshop, 11.–13.12.2010

The Egyptian delegation came to Ulm in December when it was extremely cold and we had minus degrees. Coming here just to attend a 3-day typographical workshop and experience some cultural activities in such bad weather shows their high motivation. The German students who attended the workshop without getting credit points also showed their commitment to their design education.


11 students from the GUC, Cairo (program: Graphic Design) and 18 students from the University of Applied Science, Ulm, (Program: Digital Media) under the direction of Haytham Nawar and Prof. Susanne P. Radtke


Further development in team competency in an intercultural context. Bringing to awareness their own cultural heritage while working with it and while explaining it to members of a foreign culture. Enhancement of the respective design vocabulary and design approach. Expansion of the technical skills by working in a highly motivated way on a final design in a team shortly after a crash course in a new program.

Project topics/results:

Arabic proverbs and their English translations are to be presented, visualized, animated and staged dramatically in English and Arabic. In addition the proverbs have to be recorded so that your own language is a part of your animated piece. The animation is created from Arabic and Latin typefaces, icons if it is appropriate and audio recording.


The first day is reserved for getting to know to each other while brainstorming, drafting and conceiving the project in teams. On this day several lectures and tutorials are an essential scholarly input. At the end of the day a mid-workshop design critique takes place.

On the second day the teams work on the final design and audio recording. Design and technical support are given as needed. The day ends with the approval of the animation.

The presentation of the team animations takes place on the third day and is followed by the teachers' feedback.

Prof. Susanne P. Radtke