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Daydream in Blue


Alexandra Federle & Susanne Wasserlechner

The Song Daydream in Blue (by I Monster, 2001) is about a guy who
dreams about a girl, but he can't reach her. The Story was interpreted
in two different ways: First part by Susanne, second one by Alexandra.
This Music Clip was visualized with Illustrator, Photoshop (Textures)
and AfterAffects (Animations).

Tighten Up


Stefan Brunnlechner & Aydin Spieler

Tighten Up (by The Black Keys, 2010) is about a men who is repeating the steps of his the steps of his last relationship and his former live. He's also making conclusions about the future. The Story was interpreted in a unique style with real footage from New York and typographical elements. The song was visualized mostly with Adobe AfterEffects CS5.