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  • When I was a kid...


    Aniko Atilla & Ricarda Vogel

    The animation "When I was a kid..." illustrates the differing views on the USA that children had who grew up in East and West Germany. While East Germans only knew the USA from television or communist propaganda, West Germans experienced the USA as a natural part of their own identity.

  • Das Orakel | the Oracle


    Jan Gurbandt & Maximilian Maier

    What is the best way to discuss stereotypes without falling back on personal biases or being offensive? "Das Orakel" ("the Oracle") is both our attempt to answer that question and its own making-of movie in itself. We first witness our unsuccessful attempts to approach the topic with interviews, before an unconventional yet very familiar tool gives us some truly interesting insights.

  • Stereotypes


    Emmerich Buchmueller & Christopher Wilutzki

    This animation about stereotypes deals with the german imaginary of U.S. americans. For the research-phase we talked to both german and americans, to find out about similarities. The result shows on one hand the good things about America, but also mentions some negative aspects.