Intercultural Design Workshop 2017

at Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Bi- and Trilingual Proverbs


Welcome to the microsite of the intercultural design workshop “Type in Motion: Bi- and Trilingual Proverbs, May 5–8, 2017“ between the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta (ISI) and Technological Educational Institution of Athens, Greece (TEI of Athens). This site gives you a good overview of the workshop concept and the excursion to Dessau (Bauhaus) and Berlin.


Prof. Susanne P. Radtke has developed and run international workshops mainly in the United States and in the Middle East. Typography is always the foundation for her intercultural approach. The meanings and messages that typography can convey are often quite different in various cultures apart from differences in writing systems. While designers today focus on the global market, they also must remain sensitive to their own national and cultural heritages…


Watch the student’s design work

Team 1
Kill two birds with one stone

Team 2
When it rains it pours

Team 3
If you lay down with a dog you will get up with fleas


Impressions of the Intercultural Design Workshop and the Excursion to Dessau (Bauhaus) and Berlin