Type in Motion

Bauhaus and Beyond


This intercultural workshop continues the joint exchange with our partner university the Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was conducted at the Ulm University of Applied Sciences Ulm, program Digital media during 4 and a half days followed by a 7-day excursion to Dessau, Berlin and Munich.

The topic was “Bauhaus and Beyond” and once again the medium was animation using kinetic typography. Since this subject is complex, an extensive research was necessary. Talks and discussions with scientists were included to inspire the students. Also a visit to the former school of design, the Bauhaus in Dessau. As well as agencies and museums in Berlin and Munich were part of the whole program. This way the students from both countries -- Indonesia and Germany -- were able to expand their knowledge and become inspired for their creative design work.

The participants from the Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta consisted of four students, one lecturer and the head of the delegation. Together with six students from Ulm University of Applied Sciences, three intercultural teams worked together within the intercultural workshop. All names are shown here.

The objectives of the workshop were to extend the students`s knowledge about the Bauhaus, one of its successor schools (the former school of design Ulm) and to improve their individual design and animation skills. Furthermore they developed their international communication, team and technical English skills – as is the case in every intercultural design workshop.