Type in motion – between the Middle East and Western Europe

A joint intercultural project winter semester 2009

Number of participants:

10 students from Ulm (6. semester) who attend the elective class from Prof. Susanne P. Radtke and approx. 12 from the GUC (Department Media, Department Graphic, 6. and 7. semester) under the direction of Prof. Fred Meier-Menzel

Further development in individual design and animation expression; to promote self-initiative and team competency in an intercultural context.

Project topic/result:
Typographical (music) clip
The subject of the animation is the encounter of both our cultures, which can be interpreted very personally or can be approached in a comparative visual analysis. The typographical module with optional audio elements is created from typography, illustrations, images, video footage or graphic elements and based on a collage of images and movies or a stop motion movie or any kind of animation.


Preliminary work at the University of Applied Arts, Ulm
Excursion to the German University Cairo (GUC): Study of Arabic typography, kick-off meeting, intercultural team formation, brainstorming, concept, midterm presentation
Further work on the team projects, online meetings, web collaboration
Return visit of our Egyptian partner class: Final production of the team projects, documentation

Anastaszija Zelic
Andrea Prade
Bernd Kächler
Andrea Jall
Diana Macuta
Nadja Weber
Maximilian Willier
Robert Martinez
Moritz Schwindt
Ulrike Grau
Sandra Fahim Botros
Kanzy Taha
Ayah O Moustafa
Hoda Abd El Latif
Mona Diab
Emma El Benany
Heba El Kest
Iman El Shenawy
Salma El Ashkar
Nawarra Hany Mehrem

Exchange student from Memphis, Tennessee:
Amber Iacopelli

Prof. Susanne P. Radtke
Prof. Fred Meier-Menzel
T.A. Mina Youssef Anis